Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Puppy Britches Here We Come!

Update (August 2013): Puppy Britches is on hold until further notice. We will make it happen soon.

I'm so excited because we are the works to start a new pet line called Puppy Britches. This is my Mom's creation. Here is how it came about. Max is our first dog. He was injured in a few months ago at the vet. Just a small cut in his, let's say, in a sensitive area. Since this has never happened to us, we didn't know what to do. After we called the vet, she told us to get him a cone or so pants so he would not mess with the cut. He doesn't like the cone that much. So since my Mom was already interested in making dog clothes, she made her own sewing pattern, used an old pillowcase, and made Max some pants. Me and my sister started calling them britches and thus, Puppy Britches was born.

Right now, we are trying to get some funding to help us out. Our minds are set and we are going to do this. I'm thinking about doing some custom patterns on fabric. There are so many ideas in my head right now. My creativity is flowing. Finally, something we are all can be passionate about. Plus, I don't mind going into business with my family.

Don't forget about my handmade site as well:

I am so glad that I have the opportunity to explore my creativity. It makes me happy and I wish that for everyone.


Miss Tan ((hugs))

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